Company Profile

Founded in 2019

GMI company was founded in 2019,  it is a company with modern business concept, which exist in this digital era. EDDIE TAN, The director of GMI company, believes that health care product is necessary  to maintain our health, and from there, he determine to build a service platform based on beauty and health.

The company have combine the digital era online marketing concept, providing a stable and huge business platform, unique and high-end quality health products, fair and transparent agency rewards that aim to encourage ambitious young people to achieve success regardless of nationality, race and gender differences.

Trustworthy Product Certified

GMI Marketing SDN BHD has been certified and recognised by SIR ShangHai.


We will fly higher and go beyond it.

To share GMI’s corporate culture and its successful marketing model all around the world.

In the future, we will continue to fulfil our mission which is to create more rich people and at the same times allowing them to help others to achieve wealth, beauty and healthy life.


Let your life be meaningful, live a noble and beautiful life!

We desire to build a shining stage while exploring the health industry through e-commerce and full-scale cooperation. We have also wish that partner and customers that involved in this development can spread the seeds of a happy and achieve high-quality life from this high efficient and natural products that attached with the great human oriented business model.

“Bringing a good health and creating unprecedented wealth is the starting point of all perfect lives”