Natural Probiotics Fitness Enzyme



Natural probiotics fitness enzyme assist body shaping, unleash the potential beauty of your body.

Japan microbiological technology which has gone through 20 years of research by Japan’s R&D. JAPAN BIOTECHNOLOGY, has successfully developed DE’SHAPES that can help in improving the body intestinal health and enhance in shaping of body beauty.

Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology:

The presence of variety beneficial bacteria in the intestine can help in enhancing body immune system function, improving the symptoms of depression, helping in fighting obesity and also providing many unexpected benefits.
As rapid pace in modern life, people attach with the high stress levels, lack of proper rest and sleep, taking antibiotic medication, and also consume of high-sugar and processed foods. This few condition will tend to harm our intestine microbiome. When it been accumulate over many years, it will lead to impairment of body’s functions, reduction of body metabolism, and increasement of chances in getting obesity.

Healthy Intestine

When a woman’s intestine is not functioning well, it will cause the intestinal peristalsis function to decrease, that will lead the stool to stick on the intestinal wall. Over time, the stool will starting to accumulate and get stucked, then continue to fermentated and rotted. The proportion of harmful bacteria increased significantly, and various toxins were continuously produced. Toxins are repeatedly absorbed through the intestinal wall and circulate to various parts of the body while goes along with the blood, directly causing women to have a dull complexion, halitosis, acne, wrinkles, pore expansion, loose and rough skin, and protruding belly. Based on an Intestine experts have point out: If a woman wish to be young, healthy, and beautiful, she must strengthen the weak intestine to restore its peristaltic function! By not getting up in the morning, looking drowsy and pale, while not having a bowel movement for several days, which come along with serious bad breath.

Gastroenterologists remind that if you have these symptoms, it indicate that the intestines have issued a warning, your intestines are rapidly ageing, in related that your appearance and skin are also ageing rapidly too.

Consequences of Obesity

The harm of obesity:

  • Cause dyslipidemia
  • Increase heart load
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease
  • Increase hypertension risk
  • Cause fatty liver
  • Cause bone and joint disease
  • Obese people are susceptible to cancer

Preserve your beauty by starting from protecting your intestine

Use DE’SHAPES to keep your intestine young!

Youth and beauty are the eternal desire of women. Women are beautiful, when body is healthy.


Remove fat, but retain Water in the body.

DE’SHAPES adjusts the proportion of body fat, reduce excess fat, avoids fat accumulation and melts the body’s deep fat.

DE’SHAPES get into the stomach and intestines through the circulatory system, while absorbs fat in the intestinal tract and discharges it out of the body. The good side of DE’SHAPES is it remove oil but preserve water in your body, it involve body shaping in a healthy way by using pure natural formula, and will not result to any toxic side effects.


Main Functions

  • To increase metabolism and fat burning.
  • Weight management, shaping of healthy body
  • Prevention of gastritis, helicobacter pylori infection
  • To accelerate detox process
  • Eliminate free radicals, slows down ageing process
  • Cancer and tumour prevention, strengthening the heart & liver
  • Strengthen immune system
  • To promote intestinal peristalsis, relief constipation
  • Eliminate body odour, bad breath, acne, pigmentation
  • Strengthening the digestive system, prevent colorectal cancer
  • Enhance nutrient absorption and metabolism
  • Youthful and radiant complexion
  • Lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol

Supercritical CO2 can have the characteristics of gas and liquid:

  • Liquid — high solubility
  • Gas — high fluidity

Japan Supercritical Fluid Extraction (JSFE)

The core of plant cells is to store nutrients, but plant cells are protected by a strong cell wall, and it is difficult for general extraction techniques to touch the hidden active ingredients.

The supercritical fluid state appears when the fluid temperature exceeds its critical temperature and critical pressure, and it is a state between gas and liquid. By controlling temperature and pressure, the fluid can dissolve pure natural plant compounds and selectively extract highly concentrated and effective active essences.

These characteristics enable the supercritical CO2 to penetrate the cell walls unimpededly, extract every drop of effective essence without leaking, and seal it in the product.


Main Ingredients

Contains probiotics, pomelo enzymes, garcinia cambogia, soursop, etc. with powerful illness prevention and health improvement effects.

According to the study of “Japanese Intestinal Health Agency”, taking the above ingredients for a long time can improve the laxative gastrointestinal health through detoxification of the stomach, and achieve amazing effects such as slimming, fat removal, beauty, body shaping and so on.

Most residents in Japan not only been taking these ingredients for a long time, but even add it to their meals and recipes. They are also the top of the world’s longest-lived people under the stressful living environment.

DE’SHAPES Probiotic detoxification is a must for body shaping.

An unhealthy diet, overeating, lack of exercise, and infrequent detoxing can lead to toxin accumulation in the body, which can affect the skin, causing roughness and pigmentation. To achieve a desirable body shape, DE'SHAPES probiotics  can help women achieve a better and more beautiful body shape.

DE’SHAPES is a probiotic solution with unique formula made from natural ingredients. DE’SHAPES can help “weight loss” by scientifically regulates the number of intestinal probiotic colonies in the body and is good for overall health.

Helps inhibit fat absorption and increase the amount of fat excreted from the body. It also helps your body absorb less calories from food.

DE’SHAPES probiotics is not only good for weight loss, it is very healthy, helps to promote digestion and nutrient absorption, maintain a healthy digestive flora, and support healthy gastrointestinal function.

  • Improve Intestinal Health

  • Reduce Fat Accumulation

  • Provide Energy & Reduce Intake

  • Improve Digestion & Bowel Movement




    • No laxative
    • No chemical compound
    • Certified
    • No forbidden drugs
    • Heavy metal free
    • Safe to consume
    • Easy to carry around, portable
    • No brewing and shaking required
    • Direct absorption of oral sublingual glands

    Who needs?

    • Constipation, obesity
    • Stay up late
    • People with dry, dull and allergic skin
    • Bad breath, body odor, and acne prone
    • Three high, patients, haemorrhoids
    • Weak immune system
    • Weight loss, edema
    • Body Shaper
    • High-calorie diet
    • Less exercise, insomnia
    • On regular medication
    • Alcohol drinker and smoker

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